Who We Are

About Us

We are Vez, And We Believe in Our Exceptionalism.

We don’t aspire to be good or even great – we hustle to be the absolute best in all we do. We work exceptionally hard, we challenge ourselves to accomplish exceptional things, and we push boundaries to gain exceptional results.

We are future oriented, our vision is to first disrupt the traditional toilet paper industry, before we dismantle the cleaning chemical sector, all while remaining true to our company values.

  • Progress: We get stuff done by prioritising progress over perfection. Perfect is good, done is better.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for setting and achieving big, scary goals.
  • Empower: We empower people to live up to our exceptionalism, by giving them freedom, power & respect.
  • Prioritize: We embrace debate in the search for truth and prioritize long-term value over personal ambitions.
  • Respect: Wherever possible, we cut unnecessary bureaucracy, decision loops, and inefficient processes.