Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

What is BATP®?

BioActive Toilet Paper is ordinary toilet paper that has been treated with a unique, patented blend of beneficial bacteria – the BATP®. The specifically selected bacteria have no effect on humans, children, or the environment, they are classified as 100% safe.

BATP® is the added value to “tissue”, it is the only biologically active toilet paper in the world, that with regular use, cleans the entire black water drainage system.

How is product quality guaranteed?

VEZ Tech instituted and implemented a Quality Control System, routine checks, and measurements to ensure product integrity, correctness, and completeness to identify and address errors and omissions in the process and to document and archive all record and activities.

How is consistency and purity maintained?

BATP® is formed only by spore-forming bacteria strains. The fermentation is a controlled process performed on a single strain at a time. All the strains will then be put together in the final blend according to the required percentage. The final phase of fermentation involves a sudden change in living conditions to induce spore state. The non-spore-forming bacteria do not survive.

In normal toilet paper, is there bacteria?

Normally there is bacteria on the toilet paper, because it isn’t a product made from sterile plants. The presence of the other contaminant bacteria could be attributable to handling or storage of the paper, or to bacteria in the environment itself in which the paper is produced, treated, and distributed.

How safe is BATP®?

In the toxicology Expert assessment performed by Pharmacology and Toxicology Department of the University of Pisa (Italy), BATP® resulted non-toxic, non-harmful, non-irritating for the skin, eyes and human vaginal epithelium and mucosa and it doesn’t show any stimulating potential or immune cellular response.

Can I still use BioActive Toilet Paper to blow my nose?

Yes. The germs are normally destroyed by the body’s defence systems without any evident damage to the body tissue.  The BATP® pure (at a dose 500 times higher than on the sheet) has been submitted for safety tests and the results were, that BATP ® is non-toxic, non-harmful, non-irritating for the skin, eyes and human vaginal epithelium and mucosa.

Can I still use BioActive Toilet Paper as a temporary bandage?

BATP® isn’t a medical-surgical device, isn’t sterile and therefore shouldn’t be confused with a regular bandage kit, but like any toilet paper it has no contraindications for use. It’s obvious that in case on injury it can used to plug the leakage of small amounts of blood, but it’s important to carry out an appropriate bandage.

What happens if it is used by people with low immune systems?

Nothing. It doesn’t require any aseptic conditions, even an individual with controlled immune deficiency can use toilet paper treated with BATP®, as the microorganisms are safe for humans, animals, and environment. It doesn’t contain mutagenic or teratogenic substances, no GMOs and no pathogens.

Can I still use BioActive Toilet Paper if I have a sensitive skin?

Yes, BATP® has been dermatologically tested by Allergisa, as safe for use on sensitive skin.

Have any side effects been reported?

BATP® is an internationally patented application and has been on the market for the past 15 years, with no reports of adverse side effects.

Can the microorganism spores detach from the paper?

It’s hard, but a small number of spores can detach from the edge of the toilet paper during its use.

If yes, what happens to them?

Nothing. It’s important to underline that BATP® derives from an accurate selection of 100% naturally occurring, non-pathogenic microorganisms, non-engineered or GMOs, non-mutagenic or pathogenic for humans, plants, or animals. The product is based on spores that are in dormant status and therefore their metabolisms is not active and doesn’t release enzymes or others. In any case, the skin provides an effective barrier against attacks.

Is BATP® deactivated or rendered ineffective by common disinfectants & cleaners used for the cleaning?

NO, because in a sewer system the optimal conditions for the effectiveness of the disinfectants change, and they are annulled by these factors:

  1. Concentration, the wastewater dilutes the concentration of the disinfectant greatly.
  2. Contact time, few seconds are insufficient to act and destroy the BATP® bacteria.
  3. Organic substance, the high presence of organic material (urine, dirt, faeces, etc.) obstructs the disinfectants’ action.
  4. Total bacterial count, the continuous use of BATP® maintains the high actual bacterial count and the disinfectants will be spread out & diluted, whilst a whole army of beneficial bacteria attacks one patrol.

Is BATP® effective in killing pathogens?

Pathogens are known as bad bacteria and multiple tests have proven the efficiency of the beneficial enzyme activity of BATP® spores. Various Challenge Tests have been performed by Chelab Silliker, National Institute for Forest, Agriculture & Livestock Research (Mexico), SGS (Germany) and the Worldwide Laboratory testing Services.  All tests claimed that BATP® resulted very active in contrasting the pathogen microbial growth of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Clostridium Sporogenes, Enterococcus Fecalis, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella and Staphilococcus Aureus.

How safe is BATP® for the sewage system?

The arrival BATP® in sewage systems has a positive impact on biomass because it promotes and speeds up the biodegradation process.    The BATP® spores regenerate according to their environment, the more nutrition (dirt) there is, the more they multiply their cleaning efficiency exponentially.  The cleaning action just never stops.  By removing all organic substances BATP® creates a sort of biological antagonism towards pathogenic bacteria colonies and positively colonises pipes avoiding the settling of insect larvae.

How long will I need to use BioActive Toilet Paper, to see results?

In approximately 4 weeks of regular use of BioActive Toilet Paper, you will have a clean drainage, piping and sewage system.

where else in the world is batp® being used?

BATP® treated toilet paper is currently available in Australia, UK, Dubai, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, and now South Africa.

Case Studies

Case Studies

The following case studies have been reported

The municipal wastewater treatment plant of Peccioli in Italy, saw a significant reduction of the bacterial charge in particular Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria.

A Regional Facilities Manager from a well-known establishment (Australia), stated that since switching to BATP® toilet paper, staff reported a reduction of malodours in the bathrooms, and no more problems of toilet paper clogging the pipes.

The Director and Head of Technical Services of NSW (Australia) confirmed that during their 3-month trial of using BATP® toilet paper, they had a reduction in blockages & plumbing callouts on site, as well as a decrease of odours in the washrooms.

Saw a drastic increase in their wastewater discharge system in just 4 weeks.  They reported a 40% energy saving on the efficiency of the plant after 4 weeks.