How It Works

How it Works

BioActive Toilet Paper

BioActive Toilet Paper

Once in contact with water, the bacteria ‘wake-up’ and release different specific enzymes which begin the process of biodegradation of organic matter, giving a 100% natural deep clean and descale. The natural microorganisms reproduce, multiplying the cleaning effect exponentially. Once the agents have completed their action, they biodegrade into CO₂ and H₂O with no impact on the environment, helping to reduce blockages or odours in pipes and sewage systems.

The toilet paper comes into contact with water.

The good microorganisms are activated and produce enzymes that feed on the dirt in the pipes.

The good microorganisms reproduce and multiply their effectiveness exponentially.

They eliminate the bad microorganisms by removing their nourishment.

Once their action is complete, the good microbes biodegrade without any impact on the environment.



Reduces blockages by keeping pipes & drains clean

Counteracts the growth of pathogens

Eliminates malodours

Saves time and money

Environmentally friendly

100% Safe